Basement Wall Repair

Lets look at your Foundation.

When water appears in your basement, our top priority is to inspect the foundation for any needed repairs. Our goal is to give you a basement wall repair plan that is lasting for your foundation. Rather than simply sealing cracks with cement or epoxy which are not as effective over time, we offer more long term approaches. The damage likely extends completely through the wall if moisture has already compromised water soluble materials at the surface.

 Your home is exposed to other issues when pressure builds up from water passing failed drainage systems. Cracks and buckling occur when water is under pressure. In Maine and New Hampshire when we have temperature extremes, the expansion and contraction of structural elements can cause severe damage. We offer lasting solutions to these issues.

Block Foundation Repair

Stone Foundation Repair

Typical foundation wall problems

Common basement wall repair methods

The Solution

Stabilizing your foundation walls and safeguarding your home is as easy as... 1,2,3.

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