B-Dry® Basement Waterproofing System

Full basement? Finished basement? Crawlspace? Need a new concrete floor?

B-Dry has the best drainage system for any basement! We also have excellent solutions for crawl space basements and monolithic floors!

We provide repair solutions and alleviate problems in basements, foundations, and crawl spaces.

How Our Basement Waterproofing Works

The B-Dry System is so unique, it received a government patent in 1986. Don't settle for cheap footer drains when you can get a complete drainage system that is far superior and has proven to be the best since 1980s.

Water enters basements due to: high water tables, cracks, rain, poor exterior drainage, and leaks at basement windows, bulkheads, cove seams.

A 3-4" drain pipe sits at the BASE of the footer and is connected to the sump pump, catching all water before it pushes into the floor. All drain piping is graded to ensure good flow and no water pockets. Any water that enters the wall of your basement flows down behind a piece of rigid seal which is connected to our system.

The B-Dry Drain System takes all water as it comes under footer or down walls, keeping floor and walls dry. The sump basin and pump catch all water and pump it out of the house. Our sump basin is air and radon proof, has a water alarm, and a high quality, cast iron pump with an option for battery backup.

Over 45 Licensees Nationwide

For over 50 years, The B-Dry System has been used and tested thoroughly in homes across the country. Nationwide, over 500,000 homes have used our waterproofing system to deal with water issues in their basements. Call us today at 207-282-0718 to discuss how we can greatly increase the value and function of your home!

Our basement waterproofing systems are warranted and designed to protect your home from problems caused by a high water table, heavy wet soil, cracks or seams in the floor and wall seepage. That is what makes the B-Dry® Waterproofing System a consumer-voted favorite nationwide.



Have You Seen Us?

Perhaps your neighbor, friend, or family member has our system. Our work can be seen all over the country and is more common than you may realize. On a national level the B-Dry System has been featured on:

  • Better Homes and Garden Magazine
  • Dateline NBC 1998
  • Builder Magazine
  • Flip This House
  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Our B-Dry® System process and other repair solutions are proven to restore the value of your home. When there is a problem contact us.

The Value of Our Work

Our services cover a wide range of basement issues from waterproofing and drainage to foundation repair and basement windows. We take great pride in our work and always put our customers first. Our reputation and our work speak for themselves. In addition, our work is backed by a warranty.


Going the Distance in Waterproofing Basements

Our B-Dry® Waterproofing System is known nationwide as the solution for a flooded basement. Our high quality service extends to replacing a faulty French drain or repairing window well drains.

The products we install will help protect your wet basement from water leakage related damage such as rotted wood, wet insulation or ruined carpeting. Correcting these issues is an essential first step to preventing future electrical problems or concerns of invading insects, such as termites or carpenter ants.

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