Sump Pumps


When elevations on your property are not conducive to natural gravity flow from your drainage system, you need a reliable sump pump to remove the water. We use only high-quality, high-capacity, cast iron sump pumps.

Because there are important considerations in terms of different switch types, available horse power, pumping capacities in terms of gallons-per-hour or gallons-per-minute, warranty coverage and reliability, it is clear that all sump pumps are not the same. Your B-Dry® System of Maine & New Hampshire, Inc. representative can help you choose which options and features are best for your basement conditions.


Types of Units

Sump pumps are usually sold according to the horsepower of the motor and are available in sizes of ¼ hp, ⅓ hp, ½ hp. etc.  While the size of the motor counts, more important are the gallons per hour that it is capable of pumping out. For instance, ½ horsepower units can remove between 3,000 gallons per hour to 7,500 gallons per hour; a great variance.

Battery Inverters for Power Outages

B-Dry can install a batter inverter which will power a sump pump if power goes out.  An inverter can power your regular unit by converting automobile size batteries into AC current. 


Feb 2022

Professional, High Quality work completed on schedule. The work was scheduled four months in advance; B-Dry called to  confirm the week before; crew was on time; principals were on site, work done according to the contract, finished on time. When finished, the work site was broom cleaned. This was a difficult labor intensive project involving jack hammering,
drainage in the basement, encapsulation, and installing equipment. B-Dry told me beforehand what they needed done before their arrival. We were ready -- had the electrical checks and proper 15 amp circuit breakers. Access to the site. As a homeowner I was very happy with their work ethic, courtesy and professionalism. For me, it was a very pleasant home
improvement project. They had obviously prepared for the work and scheduled to be completed on time. Highly recommended.

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